Month: February 2011

New Zman! Amazing Issue

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This month’s issue of Zman is particularly exciting. The cover story is about Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who were executed in 1953 as spies. I thought I knew what it was about.

Boy, was I wrong.

This really a break-through piece of journalism. More on it below and the other stories in this month’s issue.

The Truth about Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

They were the only people in American history to be executed for treason during times of peace. To this day they are vilified as the spies who passed on secrets about America’s atomic bomb program to the Soviet Union. But did the Rosenbergs actually give away atomic secrets?

For many months, Zman has conducted an intensive, fact-finding mission. We have examined hundreds of documents which for decades were concealed in FBI and KGB archives and classified as “top secret.” We have uncovered many details of this saga that have never before been publicized.

We sought out and interviewed the key players in the Rosenberg case who are still alive, including Michael and Robert Meeropol (Rosenberg), the two sons of Julius and Ethel; Morton Sobell, who admitted in 2008 that he had indeed spied for communist Russia; Miriam Moskowitz, who served time in prison for espionage; and Miriam Schneir and David Alman, two of the most prominent experts on the Rosenberg case.

After much toil and effort and endless hours of in-depth investigation, we are pleased to present a comprehensive exposé of the Rosenberg case. This account will challenge the assumptions of the official version, as it has been known for the last 60 years.

The Rest of this month’s issue…

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