Rav Avigdor Miller on Teshuvah and the Yamim Nora’im

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Rav Miller will open your eyes to the proper path to teshuvah!

We’ve all been down this road of trying to do teshuvah, and it’s hard to figure out if we’ve made any real progress.

But one thing Chazal tell us is that we should never be meya’eish, never give up hope. This year, take this book in hand and let Rav Avigdor Miller’s timeless, down-to-earth wisdom guide you through this crucial period. The questions that Rav Miller’s audience asked him throughout the years are the same ones that so many of us have, and the Rav’s answers are always practical and insightful. Armed with his chachmas haTorah, we can make progress and accomplish something — and, as Rav Miller always emphasized, that’s why we’re in this world.

Includes a special section featuring in-depth selections from Rav Miller’s famous Gemara shiurim on the subjects of teshuvah and tefillah, with line-by-line explanation.

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