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Zman – Cheshvan 5771 – They Were Seconds From Death

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Cover Story

They Were Seconds From Death

As part of a never-before-published story of the Shomrim organization, Zman interviewed the Jewish heroes shot while trying to stop a crazed gunman on the streets of Brooklyn this past summer

Table of Contents

When Diplomacy Fails…
An Inside Look at the Secret War Western Intelligence is Waging against Iran’s Nuclear Program

From computer worms to explosions, kidnappings to assassinations — nothing is beyond the reach of determined espionage organizations. Read how agents infiltrated Iran’s nuclear program, creating untold damage and costly delays; from the unexplained deaths and disappearances of nuclear scientists to supposed black-market firms whose equipment proved to be useless. Iran is surrounded by spies from without and within as it races to achieve its dream of possessing home-made weapons of mass destruction.

Brooklyn Under Attack

Crime in New York City, never a rarity, took on new meaning this past summer for Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn when four shootings within the course of four weeks rattled the community and motivated Zman to undertake an investigative report.

The Holocaust Survivor Who Founded Shomrim

He is a Chassidic Jew of the old stock, a Holocaust survivor with a snow-white beard. He lost his wife and several children to the Nazi death machine. He immigrated to the United States with the hope of closing one horrific chapter in his life and beginning anew… but then he began realize that even in America one could not feel safe. When he decided he would no longer sit back passively and watch crime in his neighborhood become an epidemic, he established the first Shomrim patrol in the world. Read the never-before-published story of Shomrim, its dramatic beginnings, its struggles, and its successes in its mission to protect the lives of Jews.

Good Riddance!
Seven Popular “Advances” We Were Better Without

If all of our advances would indeed bring benefit to humanity, we would be on good footing. However, many modern inventions hold us hostage. Some inventions and improvements are so accepted that we fail to realize that our lives would be better and simpler without them.

Leech Therapy

Read how a successful operation to reattach a child’s ear brought leading scientists and doctors to rediscover the unique role of leeches in medicine.

Destined To Live, Part 2

In 2002, the eyes of the world were focused on a small town in western Pennsylvania where nine coal miners were trapped 240 feet beneath the surface with little hope of surviving. This is the dramatic story of the rescue that held the world spellbound.

Bloopers & Politicians

Since time immemorial, politicians have been known for their smooth tongues, polished mannerisms and generally well-groomed public images. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that when a politician slips up, the masses – not to mention the media—have a field day. Introducing the vice president who could not spell the word potato; the candidate who suffered a breakdown while standing before the microphone; the Supreme Court justice who fell asleep in the middle of a hearing; the president who slipped and fell to the ground in the presence of international news media; and more….

Nikolai Artamonov

Was he a double spy for the Soviets? Or the Americans? Was his dangerous escape from the Soviet Union across the stormy Baltic Sea in a small boat an elaborate ruse? And was his eventual disappearance a kidnapping or the carefully planned defection of a double spy?