Month: September 2010

Zman – Tishrei Edition

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Saved On 9/11: The Ones Who Walked Out Alive

Nine long years have passed since nearly 3,000 people were killed when the Twin Towers collapsed. It is hard to imagine how anyone in the vicinity on that fateful day could have survived the mind-bogglingly powerful impact of steel and cement crashing to the ground. Yet, when Hashem decrees, anything can happen. Read some accounts of those who lived to tell the tale.

Terror In The Skies

More than 31 years before 9/11, Palestinian terrorists hijacked several planes en route to New York, and had them flown to the Jordanian desert. There the planes’ crewmembers and passengers, many of whom were Torah observant—including Rabbi Yitzchak Hutner, zt’l, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivas Chaim Berlin—would be held for ransom until freedom was granted to other Palestinian terrorists. The day of those hijackings was known as, “The Blackest Day in the History of Aviation”—until it was surpassed by the even more horrific events of 9/11.

Rav Hutner Held Hostage

Interview With David Raab, Hijack Survivor

Down The Drain: The 18 Most Ill-Conceived Stimulus Projects

When President Obama signed the stimulus bill into effect on February 19, 2009, Americans were promised the world and then some. It is now a year and a half later and we are facing a rise in unemployment together with a sputtering economy that has yet to be set back on its feet. To make matters worse, two senators have now revealed how over a billion dollars in stimulus money, which should have gone toward benefiting the economy, was instead wasted on ridiculous and incredibly frivolous projects.

Hoover Dam

Thousands of tourists stream each year to this hilly territory in the heart of the American West to catch a glimpse of the incredible, 70-story high Hoover Dam, one of the true wonders of the modern world. Construction of the dam was the most expensive project the federal government had ever undertaken, yet the benefits continue to pay off today. The dam succeeded in taming a wild and turbulent river, created a reservoir that provides trillions of gallons of water, supplies millions of people across the entire region with cheap hydro-electric power and allowed barren desert land to be developed into fertile fields and productive cities.

Uman: Davening Under The Noses Of The KGB

Zman interviews Rabbi Moshe Binenstock, legendary ba’al tefillah of the largest tzibbur in the world, about his daring exploits in Uman during the times of the Communists where he experienced firsthand the brutality of the KGB.

Whittaker Chambers

Whittaker Chambers may not be a household name, but he dramatically influenced the course of American history. His chilling, startling and factual revelations about Communists high up in the American government – even the White House itself — literally gave rise to the infamous “McCarthy Era.”

From SS to IDF

Read the incredible story of Ulrich Sanft, a Nazi SS storm trooper who successfully masqueraded as a Jew after the war, served as an officer in the IDF and then spied against Israel on behalf of Egypt.

The Prankster Who Instigated Watergate

Former President Richard Nixon, whose name is forever stained by its association with underhanded tactics to undermine the Democratic opposition, actually learned many of his tricks from the greatest political prankster of them all: Richard Tuck – who used his “dirty tricks” against the Republicans! When Nixon agreed to use Tuck’s tactics against the Democrats, matters quickly snowballed out of control.