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Jewish History Crash Course Update

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Rabbi Berel Wein’s website www.jewishhistory.org has been upgraded and now includes some of the crash course articles I have been working on and written about previously on this blog.

Click on this Crash Course link to go to it.

As you will see, not all the courses are up and other aspects of the website are still in progress. Nevertheless, I am glad it is up. It is designed to be the address on the internet for anything to do with Jewish history. It not only includes the written courses I have been working on, but videos, a blog and more.

The written courses that I have been working on, and am continuing to work on,¬†are actually reduced versions of a more complete rendition of history lectures adapted from Rabbi Wein’s widely-enjoyed tapes series, Travels Through Jewish History. The thought was that the longer versions (average of 3-4,000 words each) were too long for the Internet-surfing generation. These longer versions will hopefully also be¬†available at some point.

I plan to share more about this, and other exciting writing projects I am working on, in the near future.


Writing Rabbi Wein's History Classes

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Information about Rabbi Wein’s new, soon-to-be published Jewish History free online classes that I am writing…

I am in the middle of a major project for Rabbi Berel Wein‘s organization, The Destiny Foundation.

In the late 80’s Rabbi Wein put together, over a period of four years, 116 tapes on Jewish history. They quickly became a classic and touched all types of Jews from the very uninformed to the most scholarly.

My assignment is to take those tapes and turn them into online classes that will be offered for free on his subsidiary website: http://www.jewishhistory.org

Yes, free. (Not the CDs or MP3s, but the written versions.)

I plan to create a new blog with a name like “A Taste of Wein” or “A Sip of Wein” which will excerpt from chapters I am currently working on or have worked on in the past.

If you sign up for an email subscription to my blog you can receive these automatically as I post them (after I create the blog).