Month: July 2010

Rabbi Miller on the Holocaust

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The following appeared in the February issue of Zman magazine:

American Jewry’s Advantage over Pre-WWII European Jewry


If the Jews before the Holocaust were in general much more religious than Jews today, is there any hope for our generation?


There’s great deal of hope. There’s a big difference between the status of American Jews and the status of European Jewry before WWII. I’ll quote to you from a great man who was once speaking about this when I was in Slabodka. I heard him say this:

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Zman – Av Issue

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The Av issue of Zman has three great articles about Tisha B’av by Rabbi Paysach Krohn, Rabbi Yisroel Reisman and Rabbi Yosef Carlebach, Hy’d (leader of German Jewry until the Nazis murdered him and his congregation).

In addition, the cover story is about Nathan Lewin, Esq. Friend of Supreme Court justices, champion of Jewish causes for half a century – Nathan Lewin talks candidly about his rabbinic roots, the Rubashkin appeal (which he now leads) and his remarkable life.

Exclusive Interview with Nathan Lewin

When Zman Magazine traveled to Mr. Lewin’s office for this exclusive interview we expected to get the most up-to-date information on the heart-wrenching Rubashkin saga, which shook every fair-minded person to the core. We hoped, as well, to gain a possible glimpse about the future direction of the appeal. What we did not expect, was to obtain, at the same time, an incredibly and refreshingly candid interview about the personal life and mesiras nefesh of one of Torah Jewry’s leading legal minds, who also happens to be the grandson and great-grandson of renowned, chashuv rabbonim.

The rest of the issue shapes up as follows:

The Miracle at the Epic Battle of El Alamein

As the Final Solution raged in Europe in 1942, General Erwin Rommel, the invincible “Desert Fox,” bore down on the Jewish community in Palestine. Only a miracle could have saved them. And, indeed, the story of how the Allies finally stopped Rommel at El Alamein is not only the story of the turning point in World War II but the story of how spiritual causes are at the root of all of life’s physical effects.

North Korea

The construction of what was intended to be a glorious skyscraper turned out to be a debacle that sealed the country’s impoverished international image. An expose of the small, self-important but dangerous totalitarian state led by one of the world’s most villainous madmen.


Deep in the Catskill Mountains, near Hancock, NY, a terror training camp called Islamberg has set down roots. The camp is headed by a radical Islamic militant group that is alleged to have played a role in the assassination of Jewish American journalist Daniel Perl in Pakistan.

Bermuda Triangle

Nearly a millennium ago, Rashi described a locale in the sea where unusually strong magnetic forces present difficulties for ships that navigate its waters. Could this to be an allusion to the same forces that operate in the “Bermuda Triangle,” an area in the Atlantic Ocean between Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico famous for its mysterious and tragic history? Hundreds of ships and aircraft are said to have vanished in this region without leaving a trace, and compasses are known to fail there often. Of the survivors, many tell of frightening experiences they faced.

Michel Hollard and the V-1 Rockets

During the turbulent era of the Second World War, Frenchman Michel Hollard distinguished himself as one of the most outstanding figures in the world of espionage, the “man who literally saved London” by discovering and spying on Hitler’s V-1 rocket program, the secret, super-weapon of its day.