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Music From The Soul

As soon as he starts playing, he is in a world of his own, entrancing the audience with stirring and passionate melodies that penetrate to the depths of the soul. Yet, his life story is as engrossing as his music…. Zman interviews Yitzchak Fuchs, a star whose time has come…

Table of Contents

Cholent At A US Political Convention

Since at least the 1960s, secular Jews who grew up with little or no knowledge of Judaism typically filled the spiritual vacuum with liberal, left-wing politics. But now that seems to be changing. Zman joined an historical Shabbos at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), and presents this exclusive report about a new Jewish group that featured very prominently at this year’s convention: Young Jewish Conservatives, whose twin goals are to recruit conservative support among Jewish students on campus and to bring these students closer to their Jewish heritage.

Ben Shapiro – Rising Star in America’s Conservative Movement

Just 28 years old, he has already accomplished more than politicians many years his senior. At 17, became the youngest nationally syndicated columnist in the US. He is a political commentator, writer, editor, radio talk show host, attorney and media legal consultant. Yet despite his tremendous success in the secular world he maintains his pride in his religion and his yarmulke on his head. Meet Ben Shapiro, a rising star in American politics.

The Young Men and the Sea

Read the gripping account of three young men who went out to sea in a small boat after a drinking binge. By the time they sobered up, they found themselves drifting at sea with no food, drink, fuel or any idea of where they were. How long could they last under such conditions? Not as long as they thought they would ever have to…

133 Days On A Raft… Alone

A Chinese man earned himself a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records that he later commented about, “I hope no one will ever have to break that record.” He was referring to the incredible ordeal of surviving 133 days alone on a raft in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Without training or more than a week of supplies, he survived sharks, the elements, loneliness and a raging typhoon.

Weird and Wonderful Homes

The real estate crash has hit everybody, and families looking for new housing are having a hard time finding places to live. Look at the some of the creative alternatives people around the world have found for their housing, including an airplane that has been converted into a home that sells for $200,000, a converted shipping container that can be rented for as little as $80 to $140 a month and mobile home that costs just $30,000 and will not be subject to exorbitant property taxes…

Operation Ivy Bells

At the height of the Cold War, several highly skilled and specially trained US divers snuck into Soviet waters and attached a sophisticated electronic bugging device to an underwater Soviet cable. This gave the United States access to Russia’s greatest secrets for nearly a decade and allowed them to know precisely what malicious plans the Soviet leaders were conspiring against them. When the Soviets discovered the secret, however, American lives were placed in jeopardy. Read the gripping account of Operation Ivy Bells.

The Leatherman

For three decades he kept walking the same circular route, spanning an area from western Connecticut to Putnam and Westchester counties in New York. He traversed a large distance every 34 days, and everyone knew that in precisely 34 days he would be back. But who was this man dressed completely in leather and why did he follow this odd habit? Books have been written about this legendary figure and many researchers have tried to discover his identity.

Music From The Soul

Yitzchak Fuchs has been singing publicly for over 25 years, but until recently his soulful performances have been treasured only by a small circle of music-loving devotees, mostly in Israel. Less than three years ago, Fuchs was “discovered” and since then many of the biggest stars of Jewish music have purchased the rights to perform his songs and/or asked him to join in concert. In this inspiring interview, Zman gets the inside look at an Israeli baal teshuva whose personal demeanor is as straight-from-the-heart as is his uncanny natural musical aptitude.

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