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Showdown At The Strait of Hormuz

In the arena of international diplomacy, words can be as explosive as bombs. Iran’s threat to close the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf has catapulted this tiny strip of water to the forefront of world news in the last two months. With a possibly historic conflict brewing, which at the minimum would affect every purse around the globe, the eyes of the nations are turned toward the Persian Gulf. Read more about this extremely volatile situation.

You’re Welcome, Tehran!

As tensions between Iran and the US along the Strait of Hormuz boiled dangerously hot, the US aircraft carrier group barred from Strait by the Islamic Republic rescued a group of 13 Iranian fishermen held hostage by Somali pirates in the Arabian Sea, bringing about a dramatic finale to a 40-day ordeal for the hostages who had expected to die. Read about the dramatic rescue and why Iran’s expression of thanks for the “humanitarian” act rang a little hollow.

The Twin Towers Tightrope Walker

Philippe Petit had long dreamed of stretching a rope between the Twin Towers and walking across. When he finally did so, the police who came to arrest him were stunned. “Then he began jumping on the rope,” one of them said, “and I mean literally jumping; high into the air and landing on the rope, again and again. We were all speechless.” Though arrested, Petit became a hero and in so doing transformed the new World Trade Center, once viewed by the masses as a public nuisance, into a popular New York attraction.

The Human Fly

Though not the first person to ascend one of the Twin Towers up to the 110th floor, George Willig was the first to do so without the use of the staircase, choosing instead to scale the massive skyscraper climbing up its outer walls! Even to the policemen on the roof who came to arrest him asked him for his autograph! Read about the climber who scaled the Twin Towers—one step at a time.

Buyer Beware: Your Credit Card Is Bugged

Although you are not aware of it, every time you use your credit card the affable company that kindly issued you your credit card is spying on you. The company constantly gathers data about your spending habits, and uses this to compile a profile of you as a consumer to better understand how to make money off of you. “Buyer beware” was never truer. Brace yourself for a fascinating and disturbing look into the world of credit cards and credit card debt.

Stop Fighting!

On September 2, 1945, representatives of the Japanese government signed the surrender document aboard the USS Missouri and World War II was finally over. However, even as the great armies of the world demobilized, one Japanese soldier never laid down his arms. The news of his country’s surrender failed to reach him and for the next 30 years he lived in isolation, carrying on the war against an enemy that no longer existed!

The Shot That Pierced Brooklyn

The Jewish community of Brooklyn was deeply shaken 22 years ago. The violent crime that reigned free in New York City suddenly penetrated deep into the heart of the community, touching a widely respected and deeply beloved community activist. Zman spoke to some of the people most closely involved in that incident. We uncovered a startling and dramatic account of the tragic events that left a deep scar on the heimishe community — a scar that remains until this day.


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