Zman – Health Care Reform: How will it affect us?

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Ready or not – here it comes!

Health care reform is upon us whether we like it or not. In this issue, we explore not only what it is and how it came to be, but how it impacts upon the Torah observant community.

Zman’s previous cover stories possessed an instant sense of relevance and urgency. The bachurim incarcerated in Japan and the Martin Grossman saga – each automatically resonated in the hearts and minds of concerned Jewish readers.

Health care reform, though dominating the news, does not typically generate the same sense of immediacy. And, in truth, its impact will only become evident over the next few years. Nevertheless, little else stands to change the landscape of our lives more than health care reform. Of course, by then it might be too late to do anything about it.

Therefore, Zman interviewed four prominent, Torah-observant doctors serving our community, asking them how they thought health care reform would impact upon our lives. Their answers are as eye-opening as they are relevant.

Will “death panels” become a reality? Will the quality of medical treatment, and the quality of doctor’s themselves, drop? Will America’s health care turn into something similar to Canada’s, where it is difficult to receive certain life-sustaining treatments, and many must wait weeks and even months before receiving them? Who will pay for the 30 million previously uninsured people the law is supposed to insure? Is it true that the middle class will bear the heaviest financial brunt of the bill? How, specifically, will Torah-observant communities be effected by this new law?

These are just some of the questions people are asking themselves – or should be asking themselves.

As our rapidly developing fan-base already knows, Zman is much more than an intriguing and timely cover story. As one reader wrote, “I’ve never seen a Jewish magazine where every single article is interesting, compelling and well researched.” In addition to our cover story, this issue includes a fascinating and informative article on the surprising way health care reform came to be law, as well as exciting stories about escaping over the Berlin Wall by hot air balloon and another true story about a mild-mannered hijacker who jumped out of a passenger jet in midair and (apparently) lived to tell (or not tell) about it.

On the Torah side, in addition to our regular inspiring columns by Rabbi Paysach Krohn and Rabbi Avigdor Miller, zt’l, this issue includes a short, but powerful piece on the meaning of the rainbow by Rabbi Berel Wein as well a new halachah column — this month from Rabbi Zev Smith discussing some customs during sefirah.

Our Iyar issue is particularly special because we welcome our new “Rabbinic Advisor,” Rabbi Yosef Viener, a renowned talmid chacham whose psak and advice are sought after by individuals and kehillos from all over the world. Rabbi Viener is also Rav of Kehillas Shaar Shamayim in Monsey, New York.

Happy reading!

Yaakov Astor, Editor

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